World History

World History
"Those who refuse to learn from the past are doomed to repeat it" is not an idle quote. All too often people have ignored the course of world events and then endured a fate which is all too predictable. At Klein Oak our main goal is to make students aware of the ebb and flow of historical events and how they often reflect modern events and modern ideas. Thinking about history and how it works in our lives is one of the keys to developing a critical mind. A survey course covering the time period of roughly 10,000 BC to the present, some of the topics covered in the world history course are listed below:

  • the shift from nomadic life to a settled agrarian life
  • the impact of great ideas
  • the influence of personality on the course of world events
  • how technology shapes the world and man's view of the world
  • the role of organized religion in settled societies
  • how people legitimize their power or authority
  • the rise and fall of great nations
  • key terms, such as imperialism, nationalism, and militarism

Advanced Placement World History
This course is designed to prepare students to successfully take the A.P. World History test from the College Board.

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