Student Council

Welcome to Student Council!
We, the students of Klein Oak High School, in order to unify the students, intra-school organizations, faculty and high school administration, to promote pride and participation in school and community functions, to work for better relations between this school and others, and to raise the standards and ideals of students themselves; do ordain and establish this constitution for the Student Council of Klein Oak High School; to promote activities for the betterment of school, community and country.
Our projects are organized according to the four state reports requested by the Texas Association of Student Councils. The descriptions below are taken from the report forms.
DASH - Drug, Alcohol, Safety and Health Project
"(1) to encourage Student Councils to participate in projects which promote safety awareness. The projects can be in the area of traffic safety, home safety, school safety, bicycle safety, etc. (2) to encourage Student Councils to participate in projects which are hoped to prevent drug, tobacco and alcohol abuse. (3) to encourage Student Councils to conduct Health awareness campaigns with accurate up-to-date information and education regarding health issues that impact adolescents."

PRIDE & PATRIOTISM - Outstanding Patriotism Program
"The purpose of this program is to encourage student councils to participate in projects which promote pride and patriotism. National pride, state pride, school pride, and individual pride are the focal points of this program."
ENERGY/ENVIRONMENT - Oustanding Energy and Environment Program
"The purpose of this program is to encourage student participation in projects which promote environmental and energy awareness. This report should be representative of all energy awareness efforts undertaken during the school year. Activities that promote our ecological awareness may be tied to energy projects, but may also be distinct entities with no energy tie-in. Environmental, non-energy related projects must be listed separately."

"The purpose of this program is to recognize Student Councils that have done an outstanding job in their schools. These are student councils which have a well rounded program and are active on the local, district and state level."


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