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Robin Hebert 6th Period Web Site 832-484-4819
Philip Laskowski 6th Period Web Site 832-484-4928
Margaret Mason 5th Period Web Site 832-484-4828
Allan Parent (IB only) 7th Period Web Site 832-484-4897
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Physics 1

Physics 1 is the study of interactions of matter and energy. The laboratory program is closely correlated with the discussion of topics or areas, and the student develops skill in laboratory techniques by setting up experiments, using instruments, interpreting data and evaluating experimental error. Topics include: measurement, force and motion, heat energy and nuclear energy, wave transfer of energy, physical optics, and direct and alternating current electricity. Mathematical applications are included throughout the course.

Physics 1 Honors

Physics 1 Honors

Physics 1 Honors is designed for the student with a high interest in science and/or who intends to take further science courses. It is designed to acquaint the student with the concepts and processes of physics and is a modification and expansion of the regular class. Experimentation, individual student inquiry and mathematical applications are an integral part of the course.

Physics B, Advanced Placement

Physics B

Physics B, Advanced Placement is an in-depth study of the principles set forth in Physics I. Emphasis is placed on the application of mathematics to physical situations. Experimentation, individual student inquiry, and mathematical problem solving are an integral part of the course. This course follows the Advanced Placement recommended scope and sequence.

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