Honor Code

Klein Oak High School Honor Code

The Klein Oak High School community believes that integrity is the foundation of all learning. Academic honesty positively affects student character, as well as family and community pride. It is the right, privilege, and responsibility of all members in the community to contribute to and work in an environment of trust. Faculty, students, and parents are expected to take steps to stop any and all violations of the honor code. Excellence exists only if learning takes place within a climate of trust, respect, responsibility, and honesty.

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Cheating is…

Participating in a dishonest act or using the works, words, or ideas of another and claiming them as your own.

Examples include:

• Using any form of a “cheat-sheet”
• Viewing unauthorized notes on a test or quiz
• Looking at another student’s test or paper
• Accepting credit for group or lab work in which you did not contribute
• Taking a picture or making a copy of a test or answer sheet
• Passing test or quiz information from one class to another
• Sharing or stealing test answers
• Having your parents or friends complete your assignments
• Using a previous student’s work as your own
• Buying a paper or project
• Changing or reporting a false grade for yourself or another student

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Plagiarism is…

Using someone else’s ideas or words as your own without proper acknowledgement.

Examples include:

• Copying documents or images from books, magazines, the Internet or other sources without proper documentation
• Submitting a paper or other work as your own when it was created by another
• Paraphrasing or restating another’s work without proper citations
• Making up a citation or attributing a work to a non-existent source
• “Fudging” data for an assignment

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Penalties for Violating the KO Honor Code:

A student “shall receive a ‘0’ for the school work,” and is “subject to a ‘U’ in conduct and placement in the in-school suspension class” (06-07 KISD Student Handbook 53).

All cheating incidents will result in a discipline referral.

• The teacher assigns the “0.” The AP will determine the conduct grade and consequence for the cheating infraction based on established guidelines.

• For a daily grade, the usual consequence is After School Detention. For a major grade, the usual consequence is In School Suspension. These consequences are in addition to the “0” for the work and the lowered conduct grade.

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Disciplinary Procedures for KO Honor Code Violations:

• Teacher will clearly state facts regarding the violation on the referral.
• Teacher will immediately send student to administrative office with the referral.
• Teacher will notify parents about the incident.
• Administrator will immediately assign penalties based on established guidelines.
• Administrator will inform teacher of disciplinary action.

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Student Affirmation of Honesty

• required on all major assignments and any other assignment that the teacher deems appropriate:

I affirm that I have neither given nor received unauthorized assistance on this assignment. (student signature)

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Responsibilities of Klein Oak High School Community

Students will:

• Complete all schoolwork in accordance with the KO Honor Code
• Avoid situations which might contribute to cheating, plagiarizing, lying, and/or stealing
• Avoid unauthorized assistance on all schoolwork.
• Avoid plagiarism by documenting borrowed materials with appropriate citations
• Consult faculty about any questionable situations
• Encourage peers to follow the KO Honor Code

Teachers will:

• Monitor students in all aspects of schoolwork
• Be proactive by making the KO Honor Code the foundation of class structure
• Enforce the penalties of the KO Honor Code
• Document and notify the parents of infractions

Parents will:

• Model ethical behavior in the home
• Have knowledge of the KO Honor Code and its consequences
• Support faculty and administrative enforcement of the KO Honor Code

Administrators will:

• Take immediate action in issuing discipline in accordance with the KO Honor Code
• Uphold teacher decisions regarding KO Honor Code violations
• Enforce disciplinary actions in accordance with the KO Honor Code
• Create a school-wide environment which encourages adherence to the KO Honor Code

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