U.S. History
This course provides a general survey of U.S. historical development from the late 19th to the late 20th century. The emphases are on the relationship between economic development and government's role in domestic affairs and the rise of the United States to the status of world power in international affairs.
Teachers of U.S. History:

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Sebastian Baraldi

US History

6th Period


Luke Bendick

AP US History

6th Period


Todd Law

US History

6th Period


John Newton

US History

3rd Period


Katie Selinger

US History

6th Period


Brandon Talley   

AP US Government / US Government / IB History of the Americas

4th Period


U.S. History - Dual Credit
This program offers Klein Oak students the opportunity to earn credit both at Klein Oak and college credit via Lone Star College.
Teacher of U.S. History - Dual Credit
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U.S. History - Advanced Placement
This honors level course is geared to preparing students for the College Board's Advance Placement test in U.S. History..
Teachers of U.S. History - Advanced Placement:
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Luke Bendick 6th Period
U.S. History Links
  • Visit The Library of Congress Learning Page
  • Visit the National Museum of American History
  • Visit Education First's Black History Web Site
  • Explore Letters from an Iowa Soldier in the Civil War
  • Explore Vietnam: Yesterday and Today