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Chemistry 1
Chemistry 1 is a study of the basic principles underlying all areas of chemistry. Laboratory experimentation and mathematical applications are stressed in the course. Topics include the following: properties of matter, atomic and molecular structure, elements, compounds and mixtures, stoichiometric relations, gas laws, solutions and ionization, acids, bases, and salts, organic chemistry, oxidation, reduction reactions, and kinetics.
Chemistry 1 Honors
Chemistry 1 Honors is designed for students with a high interest in science and/or who intend to take the further science courses. It is designed for the student with the concepts and processes of chemistry and is a modification and expansion of the regular class. Experimentation, individual student inquiry and mathematical application are an integral part of the course.
Chemistry II, Advanced Placement
Chemistry II, Advanced Placement is an in depth study of the principles set forth in Chemistry 1. Topics include: structure and properties of atoms molecules, solution chemistry and nuclear chemistry. Lab exercises emphasize the mole concept, gravimetric and volumetric quantitative analysis, qualitative analysis and organic chemistry. Experimentation, individual student inquiry and mathematical problem solving are an integral part of the course.