Notes on checkpoint dates
Because progress reports are official documents under the Texas "No Pass, No Play" laws it is very important that students and parents understand what can, and cannot be included in the progress report grade.

Teachers must accept all work that is submitted in a timely manner - as defined by their departmental practices and published in departmental grading guidelines - up to and including the progress report snapshot date.

Teachers may NOT accept work that is submitted after that progress report date.

Generally progress report snapshot dates are on a Friday - the exception is a Wednesday date on March 27 when the 28th and 29th are student holidays. Teachers must verify their gradebooks on the following Monday morning following the snapshot guidelines and based on work submitted the previous week.

So when you check grades on Gradespeed on Friday afternoon or even on Monday morning this may not be the official snapshot grade because teachers have until about noon on Monday to post grades and verify that they correspond to snapshot criteria.

So the best time to check Gradespeed is going to be on Monday night following the snapshot date. You will see the "verified" progress report grade. Even then, though, the grade may change if a grade that was due on Friday (for example) is submitted late - but within departmental guidelines for submission. In that case a student's official progress report grade may change even after grades are verified and submitted. If you have a question please contact the teacher.

We know this is complicated. Please communicate with the teacher to verify the situation. It's best not to wait until after the snapshot date to begin communication. We want to be fair and honest. Please understand that we are also bound by state law to be precise.
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