The Klein Oak Math Department consists of 28 dedicated and talented teachers and 4 dedicated and talented math co-teachers. We are proud of both our teachers and our students who have helped the school achieve meeting federal AYP (annual yearly progress) and contributed to our status as an IB and Blue Ribbon school.

We are committed to helping prepare students to be successful not only in our classrooms, but on standardized tests, in colleges and universities, the military, and eventually into the work world. Math is one of the most valuable tools for advancing one's career plans and has often been shown to be the subject area most likely to earn a high salary. We would like to help students excel at mathematics so that as many windows of opportunity are open as possible.

Math Faculty
Use the link above to find a list of math teachers along with subject(s) taught, conference period, and email and webpage links.
You can also email a math teacher by clicking the"Teachers" tab at the top right of this page and then go down to "Math" to see a list of math teachers.
Monday and Thursday
We no longer have math make-ups as a department. Instead make-ups are offered by teacher and/or subject area (if listed below). A list of teachers and days/times is available by subject area. Choose the subject area desired from the links below.
Geometry Pre-AP Make-Ups
Precalculus and Pre-AP Precalculus Make-Ups
Extra help will be available for the Math and Science TAKS/EOC test in the spring as the tests approach.
This website provides TAKS/EOC. Testing formats or game formats are available. Create your own account using your student ID number. You'll need to ask your teacher for the login username and password.
A list of teachers and days/times is available by subject area. Choose the subject area desired from the links below.
Algebra I Tutoring
Algebra II Tutoring
Algebra II Pre-AP Tutoring
Algebraic Reasoning Tutoring
AQR Tutoring
Calculus BC, Math SL Tutoring
Geometry Tutoring
Geometry Pre-AP Tutoring
Math Models (MMA) Tutoring
Math Studies Tutoring
Pre-Calculus Tutoring
Pre-Calculus Pre-AP/PreAP IP Tutoring
Math SAT Question of the Day
No longer a website, now this is done through an app, either Apple or Android. Information and download available at the link above