Administrative Secretaries
Want to know who really runs the show? Everyone knows its the secretaries. Areas of Responsibility: This will match the areas of responsibility for the administrators they are serving. Please see the administration page.
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Tara Roccaforte

Ms. Roccaforte is secretary to KO Principal Thomas Hensley. So she has wide-ranging responsibilities at Klein Oak.
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Natalie Leone

Mrs. Leone works in our finance office!
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Jeni Young

Ms. Young is out athletics department secretary and secretary to Athletics Director Jason Glenn.
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Dafrie Richmond

Ms. Richmond is secretary to Associate Principal Mandy Nesbit.

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Sylvia Pastrano

Ms. Pastrano is secretary to Shelly Schwebach (our testing coordinator) and Mary Margaret Bollato (our graduation advisor).
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Isis Shrode
Isis Shrode is the secretary for our freshmen wing principals - Frances Ditta and Jason Anderson.

Anjanette Boston Boston-07186.jpg

Ms. Boston is our receptionist.
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Dorothy Gamez

Ms. Gamez is secretary to Robert Jordan and Kimberly Walters.
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Dolly Gonzales

Ms. Gonzales is secretary to Dr. Lindsey Marino, the Head Principal of our Freshmen Wing.
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Kathy Dorris

Ms. Dorris is secretary to Richard Ray and Julie Medearis.
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Karen Woods

Ms. Woods is secretary to Lynda Wesley and Eric Lammers.

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Crystal Norris

Ms. Norris is secretary to Heather Cook and is our sub coordinator.

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Diana Marr

Ms. Marr is secretary to our 12th grade counselors.

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Leonara Lizcano
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Ms. Lizcano is our freshmen wing receptionist.
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